Sleeping With The Enemy

It was about this time last year that I rescued a cat from the humane society, OK she actually rescued me…..from the  enemy….. Mice…..

When this time of year rolls around I always battle mice. Yuck!!! I hate mice….like really hate mice! So the cat helped last year….and poison… And sticky traps….but when summer came around our cat wanted out. Mice were gone so the cat got to go out..

Then tonight I headed to bed. I opened the bedroom door just in time to see a mouse…..flying off the bed and dashing away into the darkness. My poor husband was in bed asleep. I stood there shellshocked until I could gather my wits long enough to sprint to my five year old daughters room. All I could think was no way in heck was I sleeping in that bed until the room has been torn apart, bleached, and disinfected….and maybe even then I’m not sure how I will. Eeeeeek!

So here I lie in bed with Boo in her twin sized bed……freaking out about mice and my skin crawling. All I can hope is that a mouse doesn’t want to test out her bed too! I figure there is some safety in numbers….me and Boo not them. And my poor sleeping husband I left in that mouse bed without a word. But hey, I figure he’s from hardy farming stock. He will be fine.

Me on the other hand am planning the demise of the enemy. No matter how much the cat hates it, its coming back inside tomorrow…and then I’m going to the store and buying massive amounts of sticky traps and bar bait. Aghhhhh!

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