Just Off

Over the past few weeks Jo has felt a little “off”. She is usually very agreeable and has the disposition of a sweet gelding. But during grooming she acts tender around her flank and back end. She doesnt try to strike out or anything like that, but she will pin her her ears about the situation.

During her warm ups she seems tight in her back end. No lameness, no heat, no swelling, nothing specific that I can find other than the attitude change. And I can’t help but notice she is gaining weight even though she is still on the same feed regiment.

I can’t help but wonder if the last sonogram we did after she was at the stud was incorrect. Maybe a pregnancy? The other things I think of would be reproductive issues like a growth or cyst on an ovary. I also wonder about stomach ulcers even though she has never showed signs of this before.

I don’t believe she is in any immediate danger or I’d have her at an emergency clinic and wouldn’t be using her, but I think a trip to the Doc is in order.


Jo and Romeo coming in for thier am feed

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