Sleeping With the Enemy Update ; Secret Weapon

Recently I had a run-in with an absolute enemy of mine (a mouse). And this is the update many of you have emailed me asking for. If you haven’t read the back story you can stop right here and read back a few posts in my blog it is titled ‘Sleeping With the Enemy’.

So after a near sleepless night wedged in my five year old daughter Boo’s twin bed, I devised my attack plan. Bleach, pinesol,bar bait,  thorough cleaning, and of course the secret weapon.

The following day I rose bright and early ready to enforce my plan to the fullest. Six hours of thorough cleaning later I finally felt like I could let my children play without myself conjuring images of them playing with any remains of said enemy. (Shudder)

Then the secret weapon was unleashed. No literally….Nermle a.k.a. Jingle Bell was unleashed back into housecatdom of the HK Bar farm house. I haven’t seen a single trace of a mouse since our secret weapon was reintroduced into the enemy occupied zone, and I don’t think the cleaning hurt anything either.

So now I can sleep in my own bed knowing that   the enemy is at bay……and the secret weapon is enjoyed by all of us too because she is so sweet.


Bunny and the secret weapon a.k.a. Nermle, Jingle Bell

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