Between A Gate And Another Gate


Between a gate and another gate…..
Is my happiness….is my heart….is my therapist… Is my freedom…is my dreams…is my discipline… Is my Jo.

I took this picture this morning while I was walking up the lane. My girl Jo is always waiting for me. And she’s been known to come find me if she thinks ive been away too long, or if I haven’t excersized her enough, or anything else to her caliber of liking.

She is a Houdini of sorts. She does all sorts of fun stuff like turn on water spickets and flood a stud barn when she felt spited for me leaving her there to get bred…..she opens the gates to her pasture and roams at will, she has been known to release the herd of six mini horses…and if she is feeling particularly lonely or neglected she comes and stands on my front porch until I come outside. The girl has a definite personality. And I love her for it. So for those of you who regularly follow my blog you know I have been questioning Jos health in recent weeks. So today I bit the bullet and called and scheduled her an appointment. I think the lady taking my appointment thought I was nuts. When she asked me, What’s the issue? I went on to tell her I can’t find anything specific other than the fact that she seems off in her back end, she seems uncomfortable when being groomed around her flank area, and that her personality has changed a bit. The receptionist literally repeated back in mock tone “Her personality has had a change?”

I didn’t argue with the woman I just said yes. And silently thought to myself the Jo that I know isn’t the same one standing in the turnout this very minute. She’s telling me something  is going on with her.

So Saturday we go bright and early for an exam.

Until then, now you know what lies between a gate and another gate on the HK Bar. ❤

4 thoughts on “Between A Gate And Another Gate

  1. You know as well as I do, our horses are like our children…we know them inside and out. We know when they’re not right. And, yes, personality change is a big red flag that only a mama knows and sees but is always right. Thinking of you and wishing both you and Jo well.

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