The Cowgirl Princesses of The HK Bar


I realize my blog posts of Life on The HK Bar are filled with dozens of references and stories of these little cowgirls. Sometimes it is nice to put a face with a name. So today I’ll introduce these cowgirls to those of you that are new readers, and I’ll reintroduce them to those of you who are (not old) longtime readers.

Captain Boo who will turn 6 this first week of November is our oldest. Her greatest loves in life are her horse Romeo, her dog Precious, superheros, and football.


Boo and her main man Romeo last show of the season;costume class


Boo played flag football this fall 2015

Boo is the type of kid when asked what she wants for her birthday she says, I just want a cake and my friends and family. She doesn’t ask for much. She loves to read and spends hours picking through my books reading just the words she knows. She knows her mind and is an absolute leader. There will be no following for this one. She is wise beyond her years. Her spirit is a fiery one and the sky is the limit for my incredible number one.

Second in line is my Owl. She will turn three in January. She is my biggest animal lover and I secretly hope she becomes a vet. Who wouldn’t like free animal care!? If it has a pulse the child wants to hold it and inspect it. When she is riding her horses or even snuggles up on the couch with one of our dogs you can see her passion for animals shine through her eyes. She’s fiercely protective and loyal to her sisters. The girl is a bulldog! Her smile makes me laugh.


Owl riding the barrel pattern on her own at just two years old. (On Romeo)

Owl is our resident fashionista. She loves bows and purses and sunglasses with her leopard print jeans and cowboy boots. She is my tender heart. She cries when she watches Black Beauty, Where The Red Fern Grows, and other sad movies. And she has since she was barely a year old. Owl is my humanitarian and if anyone can bring world peace to a reality it will be our Owl.

Our last but not least is Bunny. She will turn two the end of November. Bunny is the type of kid that wants to make everyone happy. She is ornery and mischievous to a fault. I also call her my wild card. She can be the clown one minute, then in a fit of rage, then patting your back the next minute.



Bunny is the type to jump in feet first. Shes confident and brave. I’ve never known a soul as free as hers. Our Bunny has the charisma of a nation, the heart of a lion, and the dreams of visionary. I’m not quite sure who this girl will be, bit I know whatever she decides, whatever she can dream up, its hers.


Bunny and I

So that’s a glimpse of the Princess Cowgirls that rule the HK Bar. They are my heart, my world, and my everything. And in the days to come I hope they will make you laugh, make you dream, and make you think as much as they do me.

Until next time.

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