To The Dr. We Went


Jo this am

Jo and I journeyed to the vet this morning bright and early. Jo was given a thorough exam including sonogram by the Doc.

Just as I had noticed her being sore on her left flank, he confirmed her muscle is thickened in that area. He suspects a deep tissue injury and a very sore muscle. Sonogram also revealed she had a large corpus luteum on her left ovary, but no cyst noted.

So the prescription to getting  Jo back to her usual self is a dose of antiinflammatory twice a day for seven days and rest.

At the conclusion of the medication regiment we hope to see no more symptoms. But if so we will dig deeper and maybe look at possible kidney issues. Even though Doc was reassuring he doubts this would be the case.

So Jo is settled back in the HK Barn with her grain, her hay, and her first dose of meds.


Back home enjoying breakfast

I am so relieved to know she will most likely be in the clear soon. And I have to admit I am a bit proud that I noted her changes in movement and soreness in a specific spot. I just wish I would have taken her a couple weeks ago when I initially noticed a difference.

But either way I took a huge breath of relief. It’s amazing how much this girl means to me.

And thanks to everyone who showed concerned or sent up a prayer for Jo and I. We are forevor thankful to you.

5 thoughts on “To The Dr. We Went

  1. I hear ya. On a personal note, my daughter’s horse-Romance-just had colic surgery (!). About 6 weeks ago. Romance means the world to us, especially my little girl. It was scary and thankfully she is healing well. I understand how you feel.

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