Unlikely Friends


Our barn Kitten Loafer on Jo

So Jo has been in our old horse barn for twice daily antiinflammatory treatments and rest for a deep tissue injury. Every time I have gone out to check on Jo our barn kitty, Loafer has been hanging out with Jo….errrr…..on Jo.

Jo doesn’t seem to mind at all and just looks back every now and again to look at Loafer as if to say, “Oh hey, just making sure youre still up there.”

I think Loafer has a heated bed for the winter! It really amazes me the unlikely friendships animals sometimes make. Animals see past the things that people do. Animals love who they love, just for the simple fact that they do. If only more people were like that.

On another note, Jo seems to be healing well. Still a touch of soreness but no more pinned ears during her grooming. We will start light workouts Sunday to see her progress. 🙂

Until then, I think Jo has some great barn  company. ❤


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