Why I Plan Trips Even When I Can’t Afford To take Them

As a stay at home mom I am constantly trying to find new ways for my children and I to explore the world around us…..on a budget.on a very small budget. ….on a non existent budget. Realistically our entertainment (outside of our farm) is narrowed to the public library, parks, and  “free” entertainment on most occasions.

My girls Boo, 6, Owl, 2, and Bunny 1, and I love to plan trips! We have literally planned dozens of them already! But being on an absolute non existent budget means we have only actually gone on a few of them…..and they were within a few hours of the HK Bar. …..but that’s really not my point. I let the girls pick ANY destination they “want to go”. Then we research that place. We find out things like:
1. What types of food do people here eat?
2. What type of games do they play?
3. What type of schedules to people keep?
4. What is this area known/famous for?
5. What is the weather and land like?

We do most of our research at our local library. Both on the internet and in books. Something my oldest especially loves is when I contact the places visitor and tourist center. They often will send map, pamphlets, and countless brochures about the area in the mail. I mean really who doesn’t like getting mail about a cool place you are interested in?

And even though I know we aren’t in a financial situation that allows us to take the trips we want to, I am still teaching my children valuable lessons. Like the fact that DREAMING IS FREE. I  don’t ever want my children not to have dreams. I want them to be realistic about life sure, but I always want them to have the creativity and passion for dreaming.  I WANT MY CHILDREN TO LEARN TO LOVE AND RESPECT ALL CULTURES. I don’t ever want my children to close thier minds against someone or something just because it is different than what they know. By learning about the world around them, my children in turn learn a deeper appreciation and respect of those peoples and culture.

We often like to take our research a step further by actually playing the native games and cooking meals common for whatever destination we are planning for.

My girls  and I have spent countless hours planning trips. We have learned, we have bonded, and we have creatively passed the time without spending any money.

And even though we can’t really afford trips to Thailand, South Africa, Australia, or even New Jersey, we can still dream and learn and plan. Just because we can’t take them now doesn’t mean someday we won’t.

I have always been an adventurer, and even on a budget.very small budget...nonexistent budget I am teaching my kids to be too.

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