It has finally come to that. I can’t take it anymore.

More specifically my husband and his crap are being evicted from my horse barn.


This morning I stood staring  at this scene before me. The photo above is the disaster that I had in my focus. Tragic hey? My poor little horse barn that has been over run by my husband’s classic car and truck and other miscellaneous “projects”.  We founded the HK Bar in 2008 and my husband Kevin and I have been trying to elbow each other out of space the whole seven years now.

Our original agreement was I would get full run of the older, smaller barn you can barely see behind all hubby s crap to the far right in the picture, and he would get the newer nicer barn because it had electricity.

Well, that’s not what happened. Turns out hubby had so much farm stuff, tools, etc that it flooded me completely out of my barn. So we have been fighting for space every since.

It’s so frustrating when I am trying to prepare for a show and I can’t safely shave, wash, and work with the horses because there is just too much stuff in my way. Plus add the three little cowgirl princesses and it turns into a real nightmare. I don’t know how many times I’ve feared for damage to thier little selves because there is so much to hurt themselves on!

I have spent hours scheming how to kick Kevin out of my horse barn once and for all. And this morning I came to the solution. I am going to evict him from the newer barn.  Completely cut him out.

But first I am going to have the old barn torn down and a new building built specifically for hubby. He will have his space and I’ll have mine. And then I can complete MY horse barn to my liking without having to fight for space.

Deep cleansing breath in. I felt so much better.

I spent too much time thinking I needed a brand new barn, when really I love the old barn and its just perfect for me. I can put in three nice stalls and still have room for a small bunkhouse/ office. Once the hubby is evicted.

Oh the possibilities!!

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