Lessons in Goodbye


Bunny and Owl with pup

A farm teaches a child so many life lessons. And one of those lessons my two youngest girls learned today, was about saying goodbye.

The first pup out of Bullet’s litter went to his forevor home today.

Before the new owners got here I sat down with Owl and Bunny and explained to them that the pup was headed for a new home, and that he would be well taken care of there. I told them how when we grow up we leave our Mamas to make a life of our own.

Owl began to cry and kept hugging the pup saying, “But Mama its so hard to let him go! I will miss him. Will they give him lots of love?”

I assured her yes, of course they would,and  although it is hard to say goodbye, that’s the way it works. I told her we are meant to grow up and then go out on our own.

Bunny just patted the pup on the head and said “Bye Bye puppy,” and then bounded off to play with the pumpkins. She gave no further thought to the situation.

It was in this moment I realized the difference ten months in age makes. Owl is already working out and reasoning the puppy is leaving the HK Bar for good, and just exactly how she feels about it. And Bunny says see ya later and doesn’t give it another thought.

When the new owners arrived Owl repeatedly asked them, “Will you share my puppy? Will you give him a good home? Will you love him?” To all of which they told her yes. And then she finally seemed satisfied they would. And she ran off to play with Bunny and the pumpkins.

When I laid Bunny and Owl down for thier afternoon nap after we said our final goodbyes to the pup newly dubbed “Moose”, Owl said a prayer for him. She folded her hands and clenched her eyes shut and said,
” God please take care of my pup. Make them love Moose like I do. Amen.”

And then she looked up to me from her bed and smiled before rolling over and nodding off.

It made me say a prayer too, thanking God for being able to raise my children on the HK Bar where they learn Gods way, and all the life lessons they need to prepare for thier own futures.  ❤ Especially the ones where we say goodbye.

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