Insurance Battles and the Foreign Lady, Lessons in Life

Today has been a battle of claims…..literally…insurance claims….and insurance issues.

Hubby had hernia surgery last August and filed his paperwork wrong. They thought he was claiming it was an on the job accident. Which was not the case. But after I reread the report he filled out, I realized why they had denied the claim. So over $10,000 worth of unpaid medical bills were now up in the air. So we appealed….blah blah blah.  Fast forward all these months later after numerous faxes, notary of republic visits, more paperwork, and hours of phone calls, I have learned a couple valuable lessons.

1.) Don’t ever EVER let hubby fill out paperwork. EVER.

2.) You never know how you will touch someone’s life.

Today was the last day that we could resolve the claim on our end. So I call double checking that they have every piece of information they need for the board to deliberate. I cringe as the insurance operator is foreign. I think,
Oh great here we go! Someone that doesn’t even speak English!?!
I tell her why I’m calling, and she puts me on hold five different times, says she has no idea what I’m talking about, they never received any dispute on our part. My blood started to boil….I can’t believe this is happening … I lose my crap. Poor foreign lady, I hope she didn’t understand all the terrible things that came out of my mouth. And then I burst into tears. Pure frustration and anger gave way to helplessness. After my rampage, there was a brief silence and foreign lady audibly sighs.

Then I hear, “Let me speak with a supervisor. I see this has been going on for many months, and all the times you have called. I hear from your voice you have not rested well for this has been on your mind. Good rest is important, and I am going to get your answers. Would you please hold?”

I am embarrassed at this point, “Yes, I’ll hold, thank you.”

Twelve minutes later foreign lady comes back on the line . “It looks like the board DID in fact make a decision yesterday, and your appeal was approved! Now I hope you can rest well my dear.”

If I could have hugged that woman I would have. I would have bear hugged her and swung her around in circles while I laughed hysterically. I croaked out a weak “thank you.” And hung up the phone.

I am so thankful for foreign lady. She treated me like a person, and helped me even after I treated her terribly….even after I said terrible things….after I took my frustration and anger out on her.

Foreign lady must have been a child of God because she treated me well even after I had treated her unwell. Foreign lady’s kindness towards me reminded me that its always important to be and act as a child of God.

From the HK Bar to the world,  foreign lady reminded me to treat others as I would want to be treated. Today I chose wrong. How will you choose?

4 thoughts on “Insurance Battles and the Foreign Lady, Lessons in Life

  1. Congratulations that your claim was covered! Time to break out the Champagne. I can’t imagine how stressful that must have been. I think you can be forgiving for losing it. She was a one in a million helper to go the extra mile to get that information for you when you needed it. And someday someone will give her a helping hand just when she needs it. Because That’s how karma works 🙂

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