Breaking Out of the Sick Stall


As most of you know Jo has been on rest after a suspected deep tissue injury to her left flank. After seven days in the Sick Stall and medication, today was the tell all.

She had a light workout on the lunge. I kept her at a walk and a jog for the first thirty minutes. She showed no signs of pain, and I worked her up to a canter for a few laps. She held up through five minutes at a canter and then I cooled her out with another twenty minutes of walking.

I was so happy to see her seemingly comfortable and more settled to the Jo we all know and love. There was no pinned ears, balking, or chomping her lead.

So Jo broke out of the Sick Stall and headed back to the turnout pasture with my blessing and a seemingly full recovery. It was wonderful to see her greet her pasture buddies Katelyn and Romeo. I could tell she was happy to be back and she’s feeling good!

Thank you everyone for the thoughts, prayers and well wishes I received concerning Jo. She’s back in action!


Heather (me) and Jo

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