That Special Part; Owl


Owl and her cat Eli

As a mom I love watching my girls grow into who they truly are. Sometimes I cringe at a part of them, and then there are those times that my heart soars.

Owl is my two and a half year old daughter.  I see her brightest light shine when she is with animals. I like to think she is alot like me in this way.

All my girls have special parts about them. And I see Owls when she is with animals. She has a peculiar way with them. Cats that don’t like to be handled fall into her lap with purrs, a standoffish horse comes to the fence to snort her scent up thier curious nostrils, a growling dog silences in her presence. I often used to write this off as coincidence when I first began observing these occurences, but I’ve come to realize this is that special part of her I was telling you about; this way with animals she has. I’ve captured it in hundreds of photos, and the most recent one is the picture above.

I feel so privileged to see my girl’s lives unfold before them. I love to see all those special parts that make them who they are.

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