And Then There Was Blue


After we dropped Boo off at school this morning, Owl, Bunny, and I rummaged through our disaster of a tack room to find a weanling sized halter. It’s blue!

It has been long standing tradition for my family to tack a horse in the same color all thier lives. I don’t know why we do it, we have always as a family done this. I like to think it’s a reminder to stand with tradition and a sign we pledge to be consistent not only in trivial things like tack color, but as well as longevity, and provide our horses forevor homes.

The HK Bar for a limited few horses has been a stepping stone, a place to recover and become whole again. And for a more limited number, a few horses will call the HK Bar thier forevor home.

Tomorrow that blue halter will be given to Flinthillspaintedlady a.k.a. Flash! Our paint horse filly is coming home!


Flinthillspaintedlady and her Mama photo credit to Jana Dreasher of Double J Performance Horses Eskridge, Kansas

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