I’m One of Those Christmas Freaks


I pulled out my box of Christmas socks today. Yes, I said box. I keep them stowed away ten months out of the year and then November rolls around and I break it out and sport my festive foot covers for the whole month of November AND December. I love Christmas!

I have to laugh because my husband calls me
One of those Christmas freaks.” You know the ones. The ones that have a whole box full of Christmas socks.

So there has to be more of you out there! I know o can’t be the only Christmas freak that loves everything about the holiday.

Where are my fellow Christmas freaks?? Let’s show my husband I’m not the only one!

2 thoughts on “I’m One of Those Christmas Freaks

  1. I also have “crazy” socks — sometimes they just make you feel better — I often wear them on racing days — my husband makes fun of me and says I shouldn’t be seen in public — oh well — crazy can be helpful — it relieves stress!

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