A Christmas Freak Review


As you all know I’m one of those Christmas freaks, the ones that go absolutely mental over my favorite holiday and celebrating the birth of our Saviour.

I recently busted out the official box of Christmas socks to kick off the holiday season. Now on to more tradition! For the past two years I have been drinking this brand of peppermint tea.

This brand seems to have the best taste to me. It has the pepper mint flavor without the hugely overpowering mint taste that some of the others do. I am able to enjoy some dark chocolate with this tea without a warring of tastebuds.

I have also found that pepper mint tea settles my stomach! Who knew? I love natural solutions for ailments.

This product was purchased at our area Walmart for less than four dollars. It is nicely packaged and has individual tea bags. I use mine twice to get a little more life out of them.

So that’s my latest review! I’m going to spend the time after the girls are in bed to read my favorite Christmas stories and drink my peppermint tea! Oh I’m feeling festive!

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