Homecoming For Flinthillspaintedlady


We started out at 11 a.m. to go get the baby. We drove 1.5 hours through beautiful countryside.


After arriving to Double J Performance Horses we met baby and tried loading. She’s a baby…..and it is crazy windy here in Kansas! We are under several advisories. Anyway it took about an hour and fifteen minutes to load baby. She wasn’t too sure of the wind and a new trailer. We brought Rose one of our minis to ride with her.


She finally decided it would be okay to get in the trailer. So we thanked J.D. and Jana Dreasher and hit the road again.

I was so impressed with Jana and J.D. They are true horse people through and through and have raised our beautiful baby! I can’t say enough good about them.

On the road we got stopped by highway patrol due to a huge structure fire that had also jumped and was burning about a mile width of pasture. Remember that wind advisory I told you about!?



So finally we got through that mess after I nearly shouted at the officer that I had a baby that was stressed out enough as it was and needed to get her home. He escorted us through. Maybe he was a horse person and pitited baby, or maybe I looked truly crazy and scared him into submission. Either way we got through.

We decided Baby earned her barn name of Flash due to the flash fire ordeal.

We arrived home and unloaded Flash and Rose.


Flash gave a giant leap out of the trailer and was already nickering to the other horses. This girl has fire that’s for sure. She has a very laid back attitude, but you can tell she will be a force to be reckoned with. She has a great mind and is independent but sweet.

We got her settled into her small turnout and stall along with Rose so she wouldn’t be alone.


It’s now 430 pm and we are all exhausted and glad to all be home safely. And I ordered pizza in celebration of Flash’s arrival home to the HK.

Cheers to her future, and cheers to being home where I belong. The HK Bar.

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