FLASH; Flinthillspaintedlady Day #2


Today was Flash’s first full morning at the HK Bar. She started her day early with her grain. I gave her a quick brushout with the mane brush and the rubber curry.

She was a little sensitive about her back legs but allowed me to make a few sweeps with the brush. She didn’t offer to kick, just was unsure of the touch.

After she finished her breakfast we clipped the lead on and walked around just in the pen for about five minutes. We practiced stopping. She respected my space and was cool and collected.

After I unclipped the lead I gave her scratches all over. She LOVES her head and flank area scratched.

I was so impressed with her! You can tell Double J Performance Horses really loved thier babies and spent some time with them. I didnt want to overwhelm her too much so the time we spent “training” today was about 15 minutes. This included the time she was groomed and grain time.

Her little personality is really coming through. She is bold but cautious. She moves away if unsure but if you give her her space and let her think about things she comes around quickly. I can tell she is one that she is going to have to be fully agreeable to something before she does it. She sure is a smart one!

That’s it for training day #1. The rest of the day will be very brief interactions of scratches and just seeing me stand at the fence.

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