FLASH; Flinthillspaintedlady Day #3


Owl on the fence visiting with Flash during her breakfast

Breakfast again for our baby Flash. And four days away from her seven month birthday!

Today was another short session of “training”. During breakfast Owl and Bunny played nearby. The noise didn’t especially seem to bother her, but she was very attentive towards where the girls where and what they were up to. Getting used to noise is good for our girl, in short periods of course.

I brushed her again with the rubber curry all over. She did move away from me twice today. But only while trying to brush her back legs. She always came back around if I just stood and waited for her. After the rubber curry I used the mane brush on her mane and tail. She stood well and I gave her lots of scratches on her head.

After grooming we put the lead rope on and practiced walking on the lead and stopping. Every time I stopped her then I would apply gentle pressure to her chest and make her back up a few steps. I am hoping to instill in her a respect for my space and a natural tendency to move off. She was a very good girl with lead training and only stepped on me once. And it was my fault for not paying attention. I was too busy getting after Owl and Bunny for throwing hay in the newly cleaned water tank. Little boogers!

After lead training I spent several minutes scratching Flash’s head and all over her body while I talked to her. Meanwhile the kids were still running around playing by the pen. Flash kept her cool through everything. Once again proving to be smart and level headed.

After scratches and praise I settled her in with a flake of hay to munch on. So proud of this girl !

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