I Wasn’t Always A “Good Mom”

Three days ago in Walmart I let Boo, Owl, And Bunny pick out a book as a reward for good behavior in the store. They were very excited! We looked through the books and talked about which ones they chose and why. We were all smiles and I was so proud of my girls for not only being good in the store, but also because they all three get excited about books! A lady whom I would have guessed to be in her 70’s put her hand on my shoulder and said, “You are such a good Mother! It’s lovely to see children that love books. You don’t see that often enough anymore. They are so lucky to have you!” Of course I thought it was very sweet and I awkwardly thanked her while the girls held up thier books and asked her a million questions.

Two days ago my Mom made a comment on Facebook about how she “doesn’t know a better or more deserving Mom” (than me.)

One day ago my husband gave me a long hug and as he held me said into my ear, “You are an amazing mom, I don’t know what our girls would do without you. You make it look so easy.”

Three days ago I yelled at my six year old at the top of my lungs to get her f$&#@&% coat on because she was lucky to even have one and frankly I didn’t care if she thought the coat was ugly or not and that she didn’t like the buttons……

Two days ago I told my two year old to just pick a toy to nap with or I’ll go crazy!!!!

One day ago I told my one year old to stay out of my room or I’d spank her butt.

You see, I wasn’t Always a “good Mom”, but I wasn’t Always a ” bad Mom” either. The truth is I’m  a Mom. I sometimes make mistakes. I sometimes make the right decisions. I’m a Mom just doing the best I can .

But I always love my girls.

5 thoughts on “I Wasn’t Always A “Good Mom”

  1. This is a beautiful post! Being a Mom is stressful and sometimes we can get a little unhinged. I yelled at my 2.5 year old a few days and still feel terrible. Life happens. Thanks for sharing! It makes me feel better that I am not alone.


  2. Just loving them is the most important thing. Everyone gets angry with their kids, but as long as the good times (which seem to be a lot in you case!) definitely outweigh them all is good. Well done 🙂


  3. I would say you are a good mom even when your anger gets the best of you, you’re a human mom and emotional outbursts are expected as long as they are controlled. Children understand when their behavior is not appropriate and have to face the consequences.


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