I’m Not Chopped Liver and Other Thoughts by Jo


My girl Jo had quite the attitude this morning. I think she is a bit miffed about the new girl Flash getting her workouts first one of the day.

She usually meets me at the gate, or even opens the gate and comes and finds me. Today that was not the case! She trotted off away when I called to her as if saying I’m not chopped liver and I’ll show you! It was basically the equivalent of my horse flipping me the bird. Thanks Jo, I hear you loud and clear. You feel neglected.

So after feed I haltered Jo and took her out to the excersize field. She was snotty with me and trying to be in my space. After five minutes on the lunge she was starting to change her story a bit. She dropped her head and was licking and chewing. 

It was a very clear “Im sorry Mom”. All attitude was lost after she had some attention and a good workout. It always amazes me as to how much personality she has. I know some people say that giving horses human emotions is nonsense. And in some respects I agree, but no one can convince me that Jo doesn’t feel deeply.

So it all ended well with Jo. A great workout and she was reassured she wasn’t chopped liver just because Flash is now on the HK.

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