FLASH; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #4


So training day #4 was a great one. Neither Flash nor I was very worried about being photogenic at 630 a.m. so here is our homeless look.

During breakfast I thought Flash was going to be nonsocial. I stood by her feeder and she walked off three times before she decided to stay. She ate her grain while I brushed out her mane and tail and then rubber curried her everywhere. After the rubber curry I used a soft brush all over on her. This was the first time of not only adding groom time, but with a new brush. She really seemed to love the soft brush. She would mean into it with her head and rump. Grooming legs was not a problem this morning. She stood like a champ no flinching or moving away. She stood quietly.

After breakfast we did ten minutes of lead training. Walk…..stop…..back up. She only tried to walk over me once. And in her defense her little mini buddy stall mate , Rose, was pinning her ears and backing up to us. Little devil got a soft kick in the pants for that stunt.

For the rest of the session Rose sulked in the corner. Flash seemed pleased that I corrected the naughty Rose.

So all in all a great fourth day with Flash. Time elapsed today including breakfast, grooming, lead training, and love scratches was 40 minutes.

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