Sharing A Dream


Stock photo not my own

Here’s a confession for today. What’s my dream?

I want to be cat woman.

Yeah, really.

A Batman impersonator came to my daughters sixth birthday last weekend.


He was absolutely cool! He had the voice and everything. My daughter Boo was in complete awe of him. He told her to use her brain and study hard, and always try to help people.

He inspired me to begin my own journey. This Batman also goes to children’s hospital and benefits to raise money. What a cool thing!

As a nurse I know how much a visit from a special someone can make a person’s pain abate for a short time, it can lift spirits, and it can make all the difference for a person isolated by an illness.

So I’m going on my own journey to become Catwoman. But first my 180# has to get in shape and start building my own body. You can’t become the character if you can’t pull off the costume, and at this time, I couldnt! But that doesn’t mean I won’t be able to.

I love the fact that I could have fun and maybe make a difference in someone’s life.

So to kick off my journey I ran a mile ( it was actually more of a limping jog walk drag myself), i did 50 jumping jacks, 20 pushups (well, that’s what they were supposed to be), and 50 crunches. Yikes!

Until next time.

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