FLASH; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #5


Flash aka Flinthillspaintedlady

We are having an extremely windy day here on the HK today. So Flash has been hanging out in the barn quite a bit. I don’t blame her!

Our session today started with feed. She came right up and started munching away. My two youngest came to the barn with me Owl, 2 and Bunny 1. By now Flash doesn’t even bat an eye at them. She is used to thier shrieking and all the strange noises they produce. Owl and Bunny like to climb the fence and pet her while she eats.


After breakfast I groomed Flash. We started with the mane and tail. Wow this girl has thick hair! No moving away, no flinching. Then the curry and soft brushes came next. She moved away once but quickly came back around.

Lead training was short today as the girls were beginning to tire out and get cold. It was alot of walk….. Stop…..back up for five minutes. Flash was a rockstar. She did stay a little high headed, but I’m going to blame that on all the wind.

Then came her favorite part. Love scratches all over and under that itchy halter! I wrapped my arms around her while I scratched all over. This didn’t seem to bother her at all. She just stood and stretched out. I was happy to see her so relaxed and happy.

What a great girl our Flash! Time elapsed from start to finish was 25 minutes , including feeding, grooming, lead training, and reward time.

The girls and I got Flash settled back in the barn with her hay.


Flash and her after training session snack

Until next time we are hunkering down out of the wind. ❤

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