FLASH; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #6

Today was a day of firsts for Flash and I! Since I wasn’t able to get in our time together until this afternoon, I decided to switch up our routine a little bit.


Flash always greets me

Flash and I started with lead training. It was the typical walk…..stop….back up. She was wonderful. She did have her signature high headed stance, but overall she was calm and relaxed. We practiced for about five minutes on the lead and then moved on to bigger things!

Bigger things meant standing tied for the first time. I didn’t know how being restrained would go over with Flash, so I was sure to tie a quick release knot in case things got scary for her.


Flash standing tied for the first time.

Of course she stood like a champ. She did mouth the lead a little bit and perk her ears up in question. Then she would eyeball me like she was saying, “OK, Mom, is this the bigger things you were speaking of? This is OK “. She stood quietly while I brushed through her mane and tail. Next came the metal curry. She did shuffle a bit at the metal curry. It makes a different noise and I know has to feel different in her thick winter hair than all the other brushes I’ve used on her. Then we rubber curried everywhere. Still no moving or distress. When I went to reach for the soft brush I made the mistake of turning my back. Flash started flailing around. I turned around in time to see her stall mate , A three year old miniature horse named Rose backed up to her and throwing back footed kicks in quick succession. Little devil! Poor Flash just took it. I kicked Rose in the pants and she took off. Little devil!

As soon as Rose was away Flash stood quietly. She is a big enough filly she could have snapped her lead had she wanted to. It just goes to show how even keel and good natured this baby girl is. I was so impressed with how composed she stayed.

After the soft brush and standing tied a few more minutes I took her halter off and soft brushed her face. She willingly put her head in my hands and thoroughly enjoyed the brushing on her head. No moving away for this girl, she wanted the love.


Flash loved her halter being off.

That was followed by our ritual love scratches all over her. Today I wore a slick jacket that makes a swishing noise when it runs together. Instead of being afraid of it Flash was curious, and kept nosing it. What a brave girl!


Flash checking out my swishy jacket

Complete time elapsed including lead training,  Grooming, standing tied and love scratches was 45 minutes. I’d say this was our biggest session for learning yet.

When we were done Flash settled in with some hay that she sweetly shared with her cranky stall mate, Rose.


Until next time.

6 thoughts on “FLASH; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #6

  1. Flash seems like such a lovely horse, have u had a saddle on her yet?
    I am also wondering if you could give me a few tricks regrading green broke horses since I own one who is a brat. Can’t even pet her sometimes and or get a halter on her:(.


    • She is a smart girl! She’s just a weanling though so no saddle for her for another eighteen months or so. I have raised and trained several horses as well as finished out green horses. Alot of it is desensitization and ground work. If you do all that correctly then saddle work is usually a breeze with religion. Sounds like you need to get your green horse in a oen that you can get ahold of it. Then every day bond by feeding and giving pats all over. Then move on to getting a halter on. I often let mine drag the halter with a lead rope on it for several days. But of course in a smaller pen/stall where they won’t get hung up and an be checked on frequently. Thats how I start mine. Email me if you have any more questions!


      • Thanks heather
        I am still learning about horses and caring for them
        As you can tell from my blog I own three horses
        I tend to update my blog with pictures of them so feel free to check them out if you want


  2. Brains and beauty…a perfect combination!!
    It’s going to be a pleasure watching your adventures together. đŸ™‚

    (I can’t help but “squeeeee!!!” because she’s so adorable!)


    • That’s so sweet of you! Yes, its all I can do not to squeeze the breath out of her furry little body. She is a wonderful little filly. If you ever get a chance to checkout Double J Performance Horses out of Eskridge Kansas on Facebook, DO IT! They raise wonderful, quality stock. Ive had such a great response to my posts about Flash. Thanks for reading and commenting!!


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