Would You Drink It? Capn Boo teaches Owl a lesson in horsemanship

This morning during chores I had to laugh at conversation between my two oldest, Boo, 6 and Owl 2 1/2.

Owl had turned on the water spicket to water one pasture of horses Katelyn, Romeo, and Jo. (I use an old mineral tub during the winter because I can fill it three times a day and the water doesn’t freeze like in a big tank. It also defeats the purpose of running an extension cord to a heated to keep a large tank dethawed. )

Owl starred filling the tub and I hear Boo say, “No no no Owl! You can’t just fill the tub you have to spray it out and rinse it first. Look at all the mud and bits of yuck in there. Would you drink that!?”

Owl took a moment to study the tub and then said, “Well, maybe sissy. Ifn’ I was firsty (thirsty). But it is yuck. I clean it then Boo. Thank you!”

Boo smiled and patted Owl on the back while she started to help Owl spray out the tub and make it clean. She said to Owl, “Good job Owl, you are going to be a fine horseman. Horsemanship is always taking care of your horse. You’re winning now!”

After the tank was filling Owl said, “I beweive (believe) Mama would even drink dat water.”

And then I watched as both of them stood beaming at thier handywork and the clean tub of water.

In this moment I was so proud of my girls! They are learning so much on the HK Bar. Horsemanship, teamwork, dedication to an animal, responsibility, and more.

From the HK Bar to the world maybe now is the time to stop and consider in your own lives Would you drink tht water? Or is it time to clean?


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