FLASH; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day. #7


Rose and Flash


Rainy and Cold

Today Flash had a short lesson. It is cold, rainy, and ultimately miserable. We did our routine groom while standing tied for the second time. I just used the mane and tail brush and the soft brush. She was quiet and stood quietly. No flinching or moving away whatsoever today

I think Flash is getting used to being groomed. She seems to really be enjoying it. It was so sweet this morning when I first opened the sliding doors to the barn, Flash was in her stall and stuck her nose out and nickered loudly when she saw me. What a wonderful feeling to be greeted so happily and with so much vigor.

After breakfast and grooming I skipped lead training and worked on moving a way from pressure and flexing her body. I stood at her head with the lead and at a standing position flexed her neck and head both ways. We did this about ten reps and then stopped for some love scratches. I don’t want her to get overwhelmed. Then we moved on to moving away from pressure. I put pressure on the lead asking her to back. She stood stock still until I gently put some pressure against her chest as I once again put pressure on the lead. She step back immediately and continued to back quietly even after I took my hand off her chest. What a smart girl! We repeated this half a dozen times.

And then it was time for hay and love scratches. Total time elapsed today including feed time, grooming, lead training, and love scratches was 35  minutes.


5 thoughts on “FLASH; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day. #7

      • I became familiar with her breeder Jana and J.D. Dreasher of Double J Performance Horses out of Eskridge Kansas through similar equine circles. Jana was a judge for Kansas state horse show circuit that both my daughter Boo and I show and barrel race in. My daughter also rode a lesson horse that had been bred by them. We fell in love with her, her name is “Lucy” and the rest is history! If you ever have a chance check them out on thier Facebook page Double J Performance Horses!


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