Whats Your Toybox Rule?!



The above pictures are of Boo’s bedroom. She is six years old. And let me tell you I wish I had taken before pictures too. I just spent the last two hours sorting through toys, clothes, and trash, as well as reorganizing and deep cleaning.

At the end of the purge I had three trash bags full of toys to donate, two bags of trash, and one load of laundry (including bedding). How can one child have so much? I have to admit it does embarrass me a bit that she has so much!

I think overall Boo is a typical American six year old. Maybe that’s the problem? Maybe she has too much? Maybe I should sort through her room and purge it more often? (I usually do this about every three months.)

My real question in all this rambling is, I’m wondering what’s your toybox rule? What determines your child has enough or too much? Is it when the toybox lid won’t close? Is it when they can’t independently clean thier room thoroughly? Do you do the rule when you get a new toy one gets picked for donation?

I am truly struggling here and would love to hear what your toybox rule is!

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