FLASH; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #8


Flash Standing quietly

It was a busy day for me, so Flash and I worked late this evening. Tonight we  stood tied quietly while I brushed mane and tail with the hair brush. Then we moved on to the metal curry, the rubber curry and then the soft brush. I brushed top to bottom with all and she was relaxed the whole time, even resting her back legs and letting her bottom lip hang slack. This girl loves her grooming time.

We did something new tonight too! With all the mud I figure the sooner she will pick up her feet so I can pick them out the better. To my surprise as soon as I would run my hand down her leg she would pick up her foot and give it willingly. I am really wondering if she has done this before! Because she sure acts like a pro at it. I’ll have to ask Dreashers if they worked with her on this or not.


First foot picked up

My farrier once told me a good horse will let you pick its feet up, but a great horse anticipates you coming to the next hoof and has it up and ready for you .. ….sounds like Flash to a t! I even stretched her back legs out a bit and she just stood quietly. She didn’t even turn around to look and question what I was doing.

After cleaning her hooves and practicing picking up feet we moved on to lead training. Ten minutes of walk….stop….back up….turn left….turn right. She did hesitate to walk forward a couple times, but as soon as I gave her a minute and asked again she was right with me.

We ended on a very sweet note when I took her halter off. As soon as I had it off, she came to me and put her head against my chest. I scratched her head all over and up behind her ears. What a precious baby.


Flash and I


Flash and I

Total time elapsed including grooming, standing tied, picking hooves, lead training, and love scratches was 30 minutes.

I am so proud of Flash and look forward to more time with her.


Evening hay snack

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