Showing No Hesitation and Keeping Credibility;Flash, Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #9


Todays Flash update will be a bit different than my usual posts about her. Just think of it as a combined horse post/child rearing post.

After taking Boo to school Owl and Bunny came to the horse barn with me to do chores and work Flash. Flash and I did her normal tie up, grooming, pick up all four feet,  and then lead and flex training.

Meanwhile Owl and Bunny alternated between watching, throwing hay in thier hair and terrorizing our barn cats. Them being 2 and 1 they can be a real tornado of terror and destruction.

Flash was an amazing girl today and our only downfall was during lead training. Sometimes after a stop or back up Flash wouldn’t walk forward right away. In the midst of this Owl and Bunny were swinging a cat like a jump rope. I said to Owl and Bunny, “You girls better stop that or I’ll come over there and you’ll sit in time out!”


Me, Bunny, and Owl

Both girls eyed me and then Flash and then each other. I could see the message pass between them.

She won’t do it, after all she’s still standing there watching us do it still.

As soon as I dropped Flash’s lead and started toward them they released thier poor barn kitty victim. They saw the seriousness in my movement and quickly sat on a bale of hay side by side with hands neatly folded in thier laps.

And they remained like that when I went back to Flash and picked up the lead. I moved out still having a bit of fire burning in me from the cat incident. Flash had no hesitation and moved out directly.

A few steps in I had an epiphany….. Ok maybe just a realization. I realized that the girls and Flash cooperate more fully when I show no hesitation. If I show hesitation it communicates that I am unsure, that there is room to question me. Basically if I show hesitation it kills my Credibility.

So today I am focusing on no hesitation and securing my Credibility.

From the HK Bar to the world, have you been showing hesitation? Hows your credibility?

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