Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #10

Flash and I took yesterday off due to her having a swollen front leg. Nothing too worrying, just a little puffy and a couple scrapes from yours truly, Rose, kicking Flash. This morning I took Rose from Flash’s paddock, back to the mini pasture. As mean to Flash as Rose has been Flash whinnied the whole time. While I was down between pastures I fed the big horses Jo, Katelyn, and Romeo.


Romeo (forground) Jo (center) Katelyn (rear)

It is 38°F today on the HK and the wind is a force to be reckoned with. I could still hear Flash calling even from the back paddocks, so I decided to try some different company for her. I caught one of our older mini mares, Louise. She is generally good natured and not much of a kicker. She will defend her food but that’s about all.


Louise and I

All I had with me was Flash’s halter, so poor little Louise drowned in it, but she didn’t seem to mind.

So back to the barn we went. Louise was happily trotting Flash’s paddock and Flash was looking at me like who is this!?


Louise rolling and Flash wondering "Whom is this?"

Louise happily rolled around and Flash was very interested in her.

We did grooming, cleaning and picking up all four feet, and lead training.


Flash practicing her Left side flex.

Flash did not want to be caught today. I think  she was too interested in what Louise was doing. Had some trouble moving out. Flash would just stop walking and stare at me. But as always I gave her a break and she came around quickly.

We kept today pretty short (30 minutes) due to several factors of Flash’s leg still being a bit swollen, a new roommate in Louise, and its terribly cold and windy. But I look forward to the next “training” session.


Settling in for breakfast nicely. No kicking or squealing!

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