A Day For No Work


After work with Flash I went out to work Jo. During breakfast she had no interest in me. This is about as close as she wanted me. She didn’t run away, but would move away when I started to curry her. She is a mudball right now.


Her body was telling me she wanted to be distant, but her eyes were telling me she’s annoyed with me. All that work with Flash I suppose. Now she is trying to make me pay for it.


So I just sat quietly on the bunk and spoke to her. I talked until my face was so cold I couldn’t feel it. Got to love 31°F days on the HK. It seems like when I give Jo her space she always comes back around to me.


So no work for the dirty grey hoss today. It was a day to reconnect and not push anything. Some days just need to be like that. Now, if she pulls this again tomorrow I’m going to know she’s just being lazy! 😉

Until my next adventure…..

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