Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #11


It’s a whopping 31°F here on the HK. Flash and I got up early. We started our day with breakfast and grooming.

Today was the first day ever Flash has been standoffish. She didn’t want to be caught and walked away several times. She shuffled around a fair amount while I was brushing but stood quietly when I got to her head. She loves her head and ears to be brushed.


She didn’t mind me picking up her feet but she was not liking the actual picking. I did her two front feet and gave her a rest and lots of love scratches.

We kept lead training short as I could tell she was distracted and her heart wasn’t in it. So we spent about five minutes….stop…back up…walk. We ended on a good note and spent extra time just being.

Today was our first day I felt like the whole thing was off, but of course the love scratches were enough to make up for that. I know with a young horse there will be days I feel like no progress was made. But persistence and patience will win in the end.

I am extremely proud of Flash and look forward to more time together.


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