A Book Review; The Alibi By Sandra Brown

This book was hard for my to get into. It took me until about page 150 till I began to even like it. The plot seemed to jump around and the characters were hard for me to relate to and like. I find this author to be sometimes too wordy.

But it was at that page 150 mark I began to become invested in the characters and the plot. After I was hooked, I read the book cover to cover with not even a meal break.

This book starts out weaving an intricate tale of the murder of a real estate tycoon hated by many, an ambitious prosecutor, a rival prosecutor, a scummy criminal, and a successful psychiatrist with a past to hide. The story is one that leaves you frustrated and baffled until the very end. It is a who dunnit of sorts with a love story laced in for good measure.

I would recommend this book. After the initial slow start it kept me engaged and unable to stop reading. However predictable the reader believes the story line, come the end the reader will be sorely wrong.

Until my next review! Happy reading!

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