Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #12


I was getting ready to hay when I turn around to these beautiful doe eyes. She nuzzled me a few  times with her soft little nose. I’m wondering if it was an attempt to make up from yesterday. Ha!

We started with breakfast and a good grooming. She stood pretty quietly. She picked up all four feet really well for me and tolerated the hoof picking. Not her favorite activity, but we both made it through unscathed. All the swelling is down in the front leg. Whew!

After breakfast and her grooming, we went for a walk. She wasn’t ready to leave the corral, and I didn’t push her. Maybe in a few weeks we will venture out to meet the neighbors and do a proper farm tour. She is still hesitating with walking out, but she is attentive, and doesn’t spook or shy at everything like most babies. She definitely has a great confidence about her, but its a quiet sweetness. She’s not pushy or course in her attitude or movements.

After work she got lots of love scratches. We have bonded so much over these last few days. I always look forward to time with her precious self. And I felt like we took a step forward today.

Until next time!


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