Ice on the HK Bar


Romeo and Jo

This morning I spied on my horses before I fed. As I mentioned the HK Bar is receiving freezing rain and currently 31°F. The three big horses that are turned out don’t even seem to notice it, while the five minis that are turned out are hiding in thier loafing shed.


Easter, Rose, Twilight, and Celeste

Flash and another mini, Louise, are in the barn.


Flash hamming it up for the camera, and Louises rear

These are the days I don’t particularly care for. Too wet and cold to do much.


Ice on everything

After observing everyone from afar I called them in for grain. The big horses had to cross a small ravine.


Katelyn in the lead and Romeo


Romeo and Jo

I gave extra hay today as grain. And I may or may not have snuck in a banana to Jo and a small apple in for everyone else. Think husband will notice the nine missing apples?

Until our next adventure!

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