Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day(s) #14-15

So the last couple of days have been really nasty. Our girl Flash has been happily munching her hay in the warm, dry barn with her room mate Louise.


Im not going out there Mom, nooe, not happening! Love, Flash

The rains have been coming down while the temps are dropping. It’s a whopping 31°F here on the HK Bar with freezing rain. Yikes! I just about ate the ground three times while I was headed from the house to the barn.



During breakfast I groomed Flash top to bottom. She stood quietly and didn’t offer to move away. She would just look at me and then at the halter and lead and back to me with a look saying forget it lady, no outside training today! I had to laugh because her personality is really shining through.

We also worked on picking up all four feet and standing while I pick them. This is still not Flash’s favorite activity, but she tolerates it. I do her feet spaced out so its not a bunch of stress at once. I want our interactions to be a positive thing for her, not stressful.


Im going to get closer and closer until grain appears in my feeder. Love, Flash

After breakfast, grooming, and picking feet I haltered her and stood and have her scratches for about fifteen minutes all over. As I don’t want to stress her out, I also don’t want her to think she has to work every time the halter comes out. So after our love scratches all over I immediately took her halter off and got her settled in with new shavings and her a.m. hay.

Total time elapsed today was 45 minutes. Until our next adventure!

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