Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #16


Dear Mom, Its way to early for the Flash! Love, Flash

I started chores and work at the butt crack of dawn this morning due to the ice storm. We are getting hit pretty hard. Flash is happy to be in the barn warm and dry with her buddy Louise.

We started with grooming, rubber curry, metal curry, soft brush, and finally the mane and tail brush. She stood fairly quietly. We picked all four feet. She still hates this and has begun pulling away when I get to get feet. In response to this I’m going to back off a little and go back to just picking up her feet and running my hand up and down her legs for a few days.

We did a little bit of lead training just in the barn in a small area. We practiced walk….stop…..back up. Flash did great and never had a faltering moment. I love this girl!

I also left her standing tied while I went out to feed the big horses. She stood like a champ for the fifteen minutes it took to feed the minis and three big horses. Not much bothers this girl!

Then I untied her and took her halter off and gave her love scratches all over. She has made a habit of putting her head against my chest while I pet her ears. This girl is not shy about me touching anywhere on her head. This will make future training so much easier as long as I continue this way, reinforcing her early training.

I want her to be completely comfortable with me, and I with her. These short interactions with Flash have really made a bond between us. With any new horse the first interactions are much like when you start dating someone new. You learn what each other is about.

Today was a short but great day. Time elapsed including breakfast, grooming, lead training, standing tied, and love scratches was 55 minutes.

Until our next adventure!

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