Ice On Top Of Ice



There is ice on top of ice here on the HK Bar. We have a half inch of frozen ice on everything and they say we have two more days to add to this. Romeo always is the first to wait for me at the corner. He wades across the little ravine and seems to enjoy it. He stopped to paw the water and play this morning. I didn’t have the camera ready in time though! Bummer!



Jo was waiting for me as well, but she wasn’t keen on getting her feet and legs wet. Typical Queen behavior. She was glad to see me, well, me carrying the grain buckets, but still.


Minis chowing down on breakfast.

The minis were hilarious when they came running up to the feeder. They were feeling frisky neighing, bucking, and kicking.




Backside of the pond damm


Lonely barrel pattern and HK Bar ground


The forecast is calling for two more days of freezing rain. For the duration we have plenty of hay, grain, water, warm bedding and love scratches. Until next time we are enjoying the beauty of ice on top of ice.

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