What Are The HK Bar Cowkids Up To Today? Best Inside Winter Art Activity EVER!

What do my girls do when we are stuck inside due to an ice storm? We play of course! If you are like me at all I have to get creative sometimes to keep my active girls’ attention. Boo is 6, Owl is 2 1/2 and Bunny just turned 2.

Of course we do the typical things when the weather is bad. We read, we color, we play games, we watch movies, we have dance parties; and when all that fails we do our favorite inside art protect ! We call it color the windows! I know, very technical name.

All you need is :


Washable markers (I have used paint, just add liquid dishwashing soap to paint so it comes off easily) and painters tape, a window, and an artist!


Bunny, Boo, and Owl

As you can see in the above picture I tape off around the windows so that the girls don’t color on the wood frame. And it makes a fun frame!

After the windows are taped off we always do the rules. I say, “Where do we color?” And they shout, “On the window!” Then I say, “Where do we NOT color!?” And they shout, “Anywhere that’s not the window!!”

Then I let each girl pick one marker a piece. Boo is old enough to have all the markers, but because Owl and Bunny are both two we stick with one so marker doesn’t end up everywhere. Boo has done this activity alone before using all the colors and done well.


Then I turn them loose and watch them create!







They do this for hours! And the wonderful part is they aren’t wasting tons of paper! I just wipe off with a dishcloth and small spray of Windex when they want to start again. This kept my girls entertained for about two hours today, and they aren’t little people that have long attention spans.


Bunny and her masterpiece


Boo and her masterpiece


Owl and her masterpiece

The girls of the HK Bar hope you enjoy our inside activity as much as we do do!

Until our next adventure!

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