Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #17


Dear Mom, Its too early! Like my morning look? Love, Flash

This morning Flash and I were up early. We had to get a jump on the day as the weather on the HK keeps deteriorating. More ice….lots more.

Flash wasn’t keen on being caught today. She would push her nose towards the ceiling when I went to halter her. Little booger. I finally got her halter on by being slow and persistent. Then we moved on to standing tied. She was pretty quiet but kept turning toward Louise eating her hay.


Louise eating while Flash had school

I started grooming with the mane and tail brush. Flash doesn’t mind this at all. Her hair was crazy this morning  from all the wind, and she has thick hair that wants to go everywhere.


Aren't I a Pretty Girl Now?

We got the hair tamed and sorted out and then moved on to the he metal curry. Flash rolled in her stall and had several manure spots. She loved the left side of her neck being curried and would lean into it. She used to be unsure of the metal curry, but it now seems to be one of her favorites.

We then moved on to the rubber curry and soft brush. Once again she stood quietly and enjoyed her brushing.

I decided to go ahead and clean her front two feet since she was so relaxed.


She didn’t like this much, and pawed at the ground in protest. This was the first time I have ever seen this behavior (from her). I took it as a sign of stress and backed off. I instead gave her lots of love scratches and spoke to her quietly. She soon calmed and stood quietly.


Me and Flash

Next we moved on to lead training. Once again it was small circles in the barn.The paddock is a complete mess; nothing but mud and ice.  We practiced start, stop, walk, backup, turn. Tonight was the first night I really noticed it but Flash was really in tune with my movement. She kept at my shoulder and stopped and turned when I did without a reminder with the lead or any type of pressure. What a break through! I was so excited! She is really listening and learning. The bonding is immense and we spent the next several minutes just talking and me giving her love scratches.

Then I took her halter off and stood quietly and talked to her and Louise as they munched thier hay.


Flash and Louise

Total time elapsed was 1 hour 10 minutes.

I am so proud of Flash and I love to see her progress. My plan is to show her in halter classes in the spring/summer of 2016. She is well on her way for being prepared.

Until next time.

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