Quest for Queen B Status of the HK Bar

Jo was up to her usual ornriness. This morning I found her in the paddock with Flash and Louise…..the gate wide open. .. Jo Standing in the dry barn munching hay looking out at Flash and Louise standing out in the mud and rain…..

As most of you know Jo is a Houdini with a  Queen complex. She had opened her pasture gate, traveled the quarter mile to the barn, opened the gate, and then commenced to kicking Flash and Louise out of the barn.

When I approached the paddock Flash looked at me and saying with her eyes, “Mom who is this crazy bitch?! And when is she leaving my barn!?”

Louise looked confused but stood next to Flash like “I’ll protect you Flash, I’m the only one that gets to throw cheaps kicks at you…..but that big grey mare is kinda big……and scary… And kind of the Queen B#%@& around here…..let’s just let Mom sort this out……”

And then there was Jo….standing in the barn munching her stolen hay and staring at me like, “What!? What!? I just came up here to put the little Princess Flash in her place because that’s all she is…..a princess… you know I AM THE QUEEN!”.

And then there was me. *insert pace palm here*

Mares, damn mares. So much personality.

All I could do was stand in the freezing rain and laugh. I’m sure I looked like a crazy person.

I gave Jo a groom in order to bring her Queen complex to a smolder from a blazing inferno from the seventh circle of Hell. She seemed content with that and then I took her back to the pasture. She gave me a dirty look when I padlocked her gate.

I got back to the barn and checked Flash up and down. She seems to be perfectly fine……aside from being soaked from standing out in the freezing rain…..and a little horrified to find out she was in fact, the Princess of the HK and not the Queen…..that title has already been taken……

Mares. Lord help me, my geldings never had this much fight and fire in them!

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