Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #19


Today I had two of three of my peanut gallery with me. They helped me feed and then played in the barn while Flash had school.

We groomed with the mane and tail brush first. I didn’t bother to tie Flash up today to see if she would still be as quiet. She was! She did move away a few times but soon came back. She leaned into the metal curry and got a little droopy lipped and relaxed.

We worked on picking up feet. She willingly let me pick up and pick her two front feet. Back feet I just picked up and put right back down. I was very proud of her for standing patiently even when she wasn’t tied up. I’ve known other fillys  her age that would have thrown a walloping kick given the same situation. Not this girl, Flash is cool, calm and collected as usual.

No lead training today. We spent some bonding time doing love scratches and talking. So proud of our Flash!

Total time elapsed 46 minutes.

Until next time!

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