Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #20

Are we already twenty days in? How can this be? Flash had school for a very short time this morning. I had the two youngest HK Bar kiddos Owl and Bunny. And with them time is sometimes limited.


Flash was a filthy mess this morning. I have found she likes to roll in the mud. (Sarcastically) I really look forward to THAT during show season! You know with her white mane and all…..*sigh*

We started with the mane and tail brush. About five minutes her bushy thick hair was tamed. Then we moved on to the metal curry…..and that is as far as we ever got! So…..much…..mud….

But the great news is I left her unhaltered and she stood like a champ! She picked her feet up beautifully today…..OK so what if it was just her front feet and she leaned a little (alot). But I was still proud of her.

Today Flash’s mood seemed really laid back, maybe even more so than usual. I think she has really settled in to life on the HK.

Now if I can just get her out of that paddock to go for a walk…..

Total time elapsed today 18 minutes…..because I promised Owl and Bunny they could watch Sesame Street if they did all thier chores.

Until next time!

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