HK Bar Cowkids Winter Activities; Play Doh!

Who doesn’t love play dough? My kids have spent countless hours playing with it!



As a nurse, I am always trying to nurture my children’s development. And play dough is good for development!!!

It Supports fine motor development. All that squishing, squashing, and mashing helps build muscle and tendons. I want my girls to be able to tie thier shoes, use a pair of scissors, and many other skills that require fine motor skills. They are learning and don’t even know it!

Watching my girls play with play dough I also see thier creativity and imaginations grow!


Bunny told me, “I’m making  a pizza Mom! A pink pizza!” While Bunny was making her pizza Owl was busy making a three toed unicorn……it looks a bit like this…..


Point being she has the imagination to come up with a three toed unicorn.

The third thing I see and experience while playing with play dough with my girls is the expansion of language and literacy skills. “I put it in the container…..mine is pink….can you make a ball?” Etc. We talk about the color of our play dough and what it feels like, what shapes we are making, and so much more!

Don’t want to spend the money on store bought play doh? No problem! Here’s a fun Recipe I have used before. And you can reuse it! Just store in the refrigerator in am air tight container.

1 cup water
Food coloring
6 cuos flour
1 cup vegetable oil

1. Mix water and food coloring in bowl.
2. Add flour and oil.
3. Stir.
4. Knead until smooth

Happy playing from the HK Bar Cowkids to you!!!!

P.s. it’s non toxic! Bunny proved that…..the pooh maybe rainbow colored but don’t be alarmed!

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