Holiday Smells Inspired by Great Grandma; DIY


When my Great Grandma passed away a few years ago I inherited all the spices in her cabinets. Many of them are several years old, and probably no good. But they serve a greater purpose. When I open my spice cabinet smells from my childhood pour out. They reach the depths of my memories. They make me smile….they make me remember a Great Grandma that I loved so very much and just for a moment I can close my eyes and I’m standing  in the warm kitchen of my Great Grandma as she baked the best bread ever, as just having her close made the whole world simple and right.


Today I took out her whole cloves and cinnamon and put them in my Scentsy warmer.


No real science to it, i just dumped them in the top and turned on the light. As they heated up,  the whole house filled with smells of Christmas…..and my Great Grandma.

From the HK Bar to the world may your home smell like Christmas! Mine sure does and I’m sending up a thanks to my beloved Great Grandma. ❤

4 thoughts on “Holiday Smells Inspired by Great Grandma; DIY

  1. It’s funny how smells evoke memories. My danish grandma used cardamom in her cooking. I love the taste and smell of anything with it, but it’s rare to find it.

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