A Book Review; Things You Won’t Say By Sarah Pekkanen

It all begins with a phone call. A phone call that changes the life of Jamie and her family forevor. A phone call that her police officer husband has shot someone, a boy of fifteen years old. A fifteen hear old boy with no weapon in sight.  Thier lives are swept up into a torrent of news media, court proceedings, and allegations. The tragedy threatens to tear the family apart, and the resounding question in everyone’s head  Why did he shoot an unarmed boy? Or did he?

This was the first book I have read by this author, and I have to say, I’ll be getting my hands on everything else she has written! Pekkanen has a beautiful voice in her writing. Her writing is provocative and true to life. Her words will touch you in the deepest recesses of your feelings and make you feel what her characters are feeling. This was a very well thought out book and a definite pleasure to read. I would absolutely recommend!

Until my next review!……

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