Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #21


Dear Little People, It seems you have forgotten my bucket of grain. Love, Flash

This morning is a cold one at 29°F when we chored. Flash had a big day today! She was turned out into one of the “big little” pastures with the six miniature horses. She is still able to come into the barn though. This pasture is about five acres and has one pond in it. It was really great to see her get out and run. (And a little terrifying for me.)

She got all six minis stirred up good and they all ran back and forth back and forth. It was quite comical. I was a bit nervous though.  I felt like I had sent my baby out into the big world for the first time! Thus no pictures because I was watching every move.

After she stretched her legs I called her back  into the barn for her breakfast.


Flash waiting for breakfast ( and our rooster Charlie Chuckers photo bombing)

She stood quietly munching while I curried her out and gave her love scratches all over. No other training today. I think discovering the big pasture and adapting to life with the six mini herd will be enough school for her today.

Until next time!

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