Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #22


Bunny an Owl

My barn help fell  asleep, so I had to go it alone.  I called Flash in from the big pasture. Her little barn buddy Louise really watches out for her. It is so sweet! I caught a few decent pictures of Louise protecting Flash from Easter, the herd matriarch.


Louise protecting Flash from a herd scuffle

Flash had a good breakfast and I groomed her all over. I don’t even tie her during her grooming anymore. She relaxes so much when I brush her, she seems to fall asleep.


Dear Mom, I love the metal curry. It makes me feel sleepy. Love, Flash

Must have been a sleepy day on the HK. The only one apparently not sleeping was me.  

Flash has really started to love the metal curry. Her winter coat is so thick it probably feels like a deep massage to her. Today after grooming we moved on to her most (not) favorite activity….. Picking hooves. 


Dear Mom, You want the back feet too? Love, Flash

*Drumroll please* She picked up all four feet, and stood quietly while I picked out every hoof. What a champ! I was so proud of her.

Then we moved on to lead training. She did balk a bit when the halter came out. She pushed her nose up in the air and was being a turkey. Once the halter was on, she moved out beautifully! Lots of stop…..walk….back up….turn left….turn right.

And then we stood in the paddock and I gave her lots of love scratches. She turns her rump toward me or puts her head against my chest when she wants scratches. Those are favorite places. Especially her ears lately!

Total time elapsed today was 64 minutes.

Until next time!

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