A Book Review; Hollow Man By Mark Pryor

Have you ever heard of a friendly psychopath? Me neither, until I read the story of a prosecutor Dominic, whom is also an accomplished musician. Dominic struggles to hide his condition and lead a seemingly normal life.  He also dreams of going full time with his music, his one true passion, and leaving it all behind.

Opportunity arises to do just that when he has opportunity to steal a van loaded with cash. His two accomplices and Dominic find themselves in a world of hurt when a security guard catches them in the act……and then…..a theft turns into capital murder.

This book is 256 pages and took me a long afternoon to read. The story kept me engaged and always guessing. I even liked the main character, a sociopath no doubt! If you like a crime based, quick moving story line this is your book! I would recommend this book.

After reading it, you might just question your own sanity….. Do you know a psychopath? Or just maybe……are you one?

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